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Course Changes and Withdrawal Policy

A student’s course schedule is the result of careful planning involving students, parents, counselors, and staff. Course offerings and staffing are planned based on student course requests; therefore, we do not permit courses to be arbitrarily dropped or changed. While the school discourages program changes, it recognizes that under special circumstances changes must be made. In order to make a change in the program of studies, students must:

  • Discuss the concerns with the teacher of the course in question, the counselor, and with parents
  • Initiate the official Course Change Request with the counselors
  • Continue to attend the class originally assigned until all transfer paperwork is formally completed.
  • Make every effort to be enrolled in another course

NOTE:   A student who stops attending class before the class is officially dropped may receive disciplinary action for cutting class.


In addition to the above information, students and parents should be aware of grade reporting for a course that is dropped. Full year courses dropped with school approval:

(a)    Within the first 10 school days…

(a)    …no penalty

(b)   After the first ten (10) days but before the midpoint of the first marking period…

(b)   …Final grade of “W” for Withdrawn

(c)    Between the midpoint and end of the first marking period and any point thereafter…

(c)    …Final grade of “WF” for Withdrawn Failing


In the case of half-year courses, the specified time spans shall be half that of a full-year course.


  1. In the case of a teacher and administrator recommending the course be dropped for proper cause, the procedure for (b) will be followed,
  2. If during the school year a student is approved for transfer to a different level (lower or higher), all grading information from the previous course level will be applied to the new level and the new course level will become the level of record.