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Spectator's Code

The key goals of the athletic program at Warsaw Central School is learning lifetime values. Sportsmanship is one such value that makes these contests an educational experience. Following guidelines below will ensure a competitive and meaningful event for all participants.

  • Attendance at all contests is appreciated when your support is in the positive manner.
  • Honor visiting teams and spectators as your own guests and behave as honored guests when visiting other schools.
  • Respond with enthusiasm to the calls of the cheerleaders.
  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the various athletic games so that as a spectator, you will be able to make intelligent evaluations.
  • Express disapproval of any poor sportsmanship and abusive profane remarks from fellow spectators.
  • Recognize and applaud any exhibition of fine play or good sportsmanship on the part of either team.
  • Be considerate of an injured player from either team.
  • Any spectator who continually evidences poor sportsmanship will not be allowed to attend future contests.
  • Noise makers, i.e. horns, pots/pans, whistles are not allowed at indoor athletic events.
  • Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or chewing tobacco will be asked to leave the premises by the chaperon's. If the spectator in question refuses to leave, law enforcement will be contacted.