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Resume Building

The Résumé Page

Use this page to:

  • Learn what a résumé is
  • See sample résumés for formatting and style
  • Use the “Résumé Tips & Tricks” handout to learn about the “nitty-gritty” of résumés
  • Learn how to contact Mrs. Sheer for a résumé critique


Purpose of a Résumé

The purpose of a résumé is to provide a brief outline of your professional and academic background to be shared with another party (a hiring manager, a college admissions counselor, a board member making decisions on scholarship winners, etc.).  It should highlight your experience and your strengths, skills, and accomplishments.  It is rumored that people spend less than one minute when reviewing someone else’s résumé in order to make some sort of judgment about this person (Is he/she fit for the job?  Does this person meet the mandatory requirements for x, y, or z? etc.).  This means that we need to make a good impression fast!  Use the sample résumés on this page to help you find a format and style you like and to help give you an idea of what a résumé should look like.  The “Résumé Tips & Tricks” handout also provides great detail about what you should include on your résumé.


Sample Résumés

See the files below for sample résumés.  Notice that each has a different format/style, but most have similar sections.  Choose a style that you like best (or a combination of styles) and use the sections that apply to your situation and experiences.  Every person has different experiences, so make sure that your résumé reflects your experiences, rather than simply adopting the sections from a sample résumé.

The “Résumé Tips & Tricks” file (below) can also be used to generate ideas on things to include on your résumé.  There’s a lot listed there, so take a deep breath and remember that you only need to fill one page!


Résumé Critiques

If you have a draft of a résumé that you would like reviewed, or if you would like help with creating your first résumé, please contact Mrs. Sheer to make arrangements.