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Middle School Reading Lists

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Did you know that kids who do not read over summer break often slide backward, losing more than 2 months of what they gained over the school year while children who do read during the summer gain reading skills? Now, with the unexpected time we’ve had out of school, it is more important than ever to keep your student reading at home.

Reading is a necessary skill for success in school. If a student is reading below level the effect can be seen in many, if not all, of his/her other classes. That is why ongoing opportunities to learn and practice reading skills are essential for children and teens. In an effort to keep your child reading this summer and give him/her those ongoing opportunities, we are requiring all 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to read two books. We are partnering with the Warsaw Public Library to help make books more accessible.

One book must be from the enclosed list and the second book is a free choice of the student, with parent approval. We ask for the free choice to be with parent approval so that you can ensure the reading level and content level is appropriate for your child.

Please encourage your child to select a book that is of interest to him/her and at an appropriate reading level. Feel free to have your child read parts of his/her book to you, take turns reading parts to each other, or just having your child tell you about what was just read. Try to encourage your child to read a little bit each day.

By the end of the summer, the books should be completed. Upon returning to school, your child will have to complete a brief assignment about the books. This will be the first assignment for ELA class and the first independent reading requirement for the school year.

We hope you will join us in encouraging your child to read often this summer. Together, we can motivate your child to read and grow. We look forward to meeting your child and working with him/her throughout the year. Thank you so much for supporting our summer reading assignment.



Mrs. Wolinski and Mrs. DiStefano
MHS Reading Teachers

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