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Grades 6-8 Summer Reading Lists

Did you know that your brain is like a muscle? If you don’t exercise it, it loses strength. In order to keep your brain in shape over the summer, we are assigning your brain the best workout it can get, READING! This summer you are required to read at least ONE book that you have not read from the list provided and ONE book of your choice, with parent approval. You will be taking the Accelerated Reader quiz on the book you choose when you return to school, so it cannot be a book you have already taken the quiz on.


  • Choose your book early to avoid being disappointed. There are limited copies of the books in the libraries. (Our local library can order a book from another library if the one you want is checked out, just ask!)
  • If you choose a book from the library, return it on time so others can also read it.
  • Involve your parents! They will want to know what book you have selected. They can also help you meet the deadline.
  • Remember that reading is a great “everyday” activity!

If you lose your book list over the summer, extra copies can be found at your local public library or the Warsaw Middle/High School Main Office. The lists can also be found below. 

Grade 6 Reading List

Grade 7 Reading List

Grade 8 Reading List