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Play to Get Fit

Genesee Community College and area schools teamed up this fall to encourage students to stay fit through simply playing outside. The college’s Health and Physical Education Department coordinated the annual Play to Get Fit Challenge for students in grades 3-5. The competition supports the battle against childhood obesity and aims to increase self-esteem and confidence in students. Academic performance can also be positively impacted by physical fitness.

WES Physical Education teachers Jeff Mitchell and Caren Plesums asked their students to record their physical activity outside of school for the month of October. Qualifying activities included biking, running, skating, swimming, playing a sport, playing tag, and playing on a swing set. Activities that included electronics were disqualified. The calendars were filled out by students and signed by parents/guardians and returned to GCC at the end of the month.

Fifth grader Parker Cartwright earned the top spot among WES students for the second consecutive year, followed by Jason Holmes and Jack Fraser.