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Chickenpox Case at WES

October 23, 2018

To Parents/Guardians:

Your child may have been exposed to Chickenpox (varicella zoster) at school.

Please watch your child for the following symptoms. If your child has the symptoms below, please call your child’s healthcare provider for guidance.

Symptoms usually appear 14-16 days after exposure.

Common Signs and Symptoms:

  • Slight fever, feels tired and weak
  • May report a stomach ache
  • Itchy, blistered rash that first appears on the trunk (stomach and back) and spreads to the face, arms and legs
    • The rash appears to be small water blisters.

In a day or two, the rash will form crusts that will remain for a few days. As the blisters spread, some will be healing as new ones appear. Your child needs to remain home from school until all the blisters are crusted over (your child is contagious until that time).

Please notify the School Health Office at the number below if your child becomes ill with chicken pox.

Please call the school’s Health Office if you have any questions or concerns.

Kathleen Humphrey RN - Elementary School
786-8000 ext. 1137

Heather Glosser RN - Middle/High School     
786-8000 ext. 2109