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Foundation Aid Public Survey

The Warsaw Central School District has been restricted financially for several years, largely due to New York State "freezing" their state aid formula after the economy deteriorated in 2008.  The frozen formula did not account for changes impacting the general operating budget during this time period.  WCS was underfunded by New York State for over a decade.  For reference, in 2020-2021, our total foundation aid was projected to be nearly $9 million dollars.  In reality, we received just under $8 million dollars to support our operating expenses and programming. 
In 2021-2022 NYS gradually started to "thaw" foundation aid for public school districts.  For the 2023-2024 school year, we look forward to being fully funded again.  
Similar to when federal stimulus funds were made available during the pandemic to NYS public schools, districts receiving an increase of $1 million (or 10%) in state aid are required to seek input from stakeholders on the use of restored funding.  Warsaw Central School District's foundation aid has been restored above this 10% threshold.  Therefore, at this time, we are seeking school community stakeholder feedback regarding priority funding areas for the district.  Please take time to rank the following categories and/or provide other ideas for consideration. 
This form will be collecting survey data through: June, 8, 2023
Hard copies of this form are available by contacting the WCS District Office:  585.786.8000 x3106


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