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Access Our Free Online Books!

Read popular, current, or classic titles online today!

Warsaw CSD students can access and read or listen to digital ebooks or audiobooks using the Overdrive App Sora with Chromebooks or your own personal device. Our library of FREE books is large and growing!

Choose from:

  • Over 7,500 ebooks
  • Over 1,400 audiobooks
  • Over 80 popular magazines in ebook format

Steps to access great books on Sora --

  • Open on your Chromebook or load and open the Sora App on your personal device.   
    • Elementary students can access this with their single sign-on through Classlink.  
  • Find Genesee Valley BOCES in list of schools.
  • On the Genesee Valley BOCES drop down, choose Warsaw Central School District.
  • Student ID numbers will begin with a zero followed by your four-digit student ID. If student ID is 5555, the Sora ID will be 05555.
  • Choose from a large and growing library of content!
  • If you would like access to a book that is not listed, contact Mr. Lloyd to make a request.
    • 585-786-8000 x2127,
  • The possibilities are endless!