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ParentSquare and Attendance

September 16, 2022

Warsaw Families, 

I would like to share some exciting news with you regarding the implementation of ParentSquare at Warsaw Central School. This week, our attendance feature went live. We did this as a test of our system and to provide us with an opportunity to troubleshoot unique situations. We were very pleased with the soft opening of the attendance module and will continue to utilize this component of ParentSquare. 

Please be aware that, moving forward, automated attendance notices will be sent to families at 10:15 a.m. daily. If your child is absent or tardy from school and you have not reached out to our attendance lines to notify the school of this absence, you will receive a message indicating that your child is not present at school.  At the time you receive the notification, you will also have the opportunity to submit an excuse electronically working right within the ParentSquare software or app. If your child is absent from school and you did notify the attendance office in advance, you are still required to send in a written excuse when your child returns to school. (Unfortunately, you cannot initiate an attendance excuse on your own through the software).

As we are still working through a few kinks with our set-up, if you believe you have received an absence notification in error, please reach out directly to your child’s school so that we can remedy the situation.

  • Warsaw Middle High School - 585-786-8000 x2109

  • Warsaw Elementary School - 585.786.8000 x1147

Below is a brief tutorial on how to send a note to school when your child is absent using ParentSquare.  Please take a moment to review this information and if you have any questions regarding attendance notifications or other trouble with your ParentSquare account feel reach out directly to our IT team at:

Wishing you the best this school year,

Kim Monahan
Director of Instructional Services