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Principal Kim D'Amico

  • Leader in Me at the Middle School 
    Winter 2019

    A new change to Warsaw Middle School this year is the implementation of Leader in Me. Last spring, a handful of teachers traveled with me to Palmyra-Macedon Middle School to see first-hand what a successful program looks like in a middle school setting. Shadowing students throughout their day provided the ability to gain a further understanding of new ideas to pilot during the 2018-2019 school year at Warsaw. Listed below are new initiatives that are currently underway:

    Habit to Success
    All 6th and 7th grade students are enrolled in a ten-week course devoted to gaining a further understanding of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens under the direction of Mr. Hoy and Mr. O’Leary.

    I am a Leader In...
    All middle school students completed an electronic survey listing their participation in extracurricular clubs and sports teams affiliated with the school. All students’ names are showcased in the hallway with icons indicating their involvement.

    SRS –  Students Recognizing Students
    Students nominate a fellow classmate who displays exceptional citizenship skills to be recognized at the quarterly assemblies.

    ROARS –  Recognizing Our Ambitious Respectful Students Assembly
    Teachers nominate middle school students to receive awards and recognition at four quarterly assemblies based on demonstrating respect in the classroom, showcasing perseverance in the face of adversity, and academic achievement, to name a few. The recipients are presented with an award, along with an explanation from the teacher justifying while they were chosen. A handful of students are also able to showcase their talents at each assembly through acting or singing.

    Middle School Wacky Winter Wow Day
    The day before an extended break can be an energetic time and many students’ minds are already thinking ahead to the extended break. Physical Education/FACS teacher Ms. Marchese approached me in the fall and asked if we could put together a middle school fun day in the afternoon. With the assistance of her, our two technology teachers Mr. Suleski and Mr. Hasler and the middle school counselor Mr. Bauer, the idea came to fruition. On Friday, December 21, the afternoon was devoted to a Wacky Winter Wow Day.

    Scheduling of the day was the first hurdle we needed to overcome. It is a wonderful concept to do something with all 210 students simultaneously; however, space was an issue. The solution that we developed was to separate the grades into three groups and have each of the groups rotate amongst various activities. The gymnasium was used as a four square tournament, winter themed "Minute-to-Win-It" activities were located in classrooms, in the technology classrooms students constructed a wooden craft, and a short winter film was shown in the auditorium. The overall consensus amongst students was that the event was successful and it was suggested that this become a yearly tradition.