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Principal Kim D'Amico


    Attendance Creates Excellence
    January 2020

    A student's overall success in school depends on grades, participation, behavior and, most importantly, attendance. When a student is absent from school, they miss instruction, classroom discussions, and interactions with their peers. While in class, they learn the material along with their classmates; however, when they are absent, they are forced to learn material independently, thus resulting in a stressful situation. Most importantly, studies have shown that chronic absenteeism is the leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school and not graduate.  Warsaw Middle/High School believes that daily attendance leads to success. Below are some tips to help improve daily attendance: 

    ~ Develop a nighttime routine that includes getting everything ready for the next day. Do this to prevent the stress of trying to pack in the morning and materials needed aren’t forgotten. Develop a plan in case they miss the bus. It's much easier to problem solve this situation with a clear head than it is when the school bus is pulling away and panic begins to set in.

    ~ Talk to a school counselor and make him/her aware of any struggles your child may be having at home that would impact their ability to get to school. School counselors can help you develop a plan to ensure that you can get to school every day.

    ~ In the event that your child is unable to attend school, we kindly ask that you report their absence to our school prior to 10 a.m. By dialing 786-8000 and pressing 4 for the Middle/High School, and then pressing 1 to report your child's absence on the attendance line.  At the conclusion of the call, parents can press 0 to request homework/classwork by leaving a detailed message of the student’s name, grade, and the suspected length of the absence. Your child's teachers will send work and necessary materials to the Main Office that can be picked up later in the day by a parent or guardian.

    By partnering with families, we can create a successful learning environment