Principal Kim D'Amico

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Principal Kim D'Amico

  • Reading the Radar of Middle School Vibes
    Spring 2019

    Each day brings new challenges, new problems, and new adventures. This is exciting and keeps things fresh. In the mornings, I wake up with a plan of tasks to accomplish at school. Often times, this plan never fully comes to fruition because a student or a situation draws my attention elsewhere. You never know what will await you on any particular day. I thoroughly enjoy that each day has its own unique routine that dictates itself.

    I start each morning by positioning myself at the busy hallway intersection that crosses the 6th, 7th and 8th grade hallways. While standing at this location, I greet students and gather a read on their body language. Some students arrive to school refreshed and excited for another day where they can socialize with their friends. Others have a different morning that starts off with over sleeping and rushing out the door trying to get to school before that magical morning bell of 8:05.

    Another exciting time for any Middle School student occurs during their lunch period. All three grades have a different vibe in the cafeteria, and their interactions during lunch exude this energy. The sixth graders are bursting with excitement and liveliness. They are frequently reminded to sit down and lower their voices. The seventh grade class is more subdued and quiet although their conversations and their interactions with their peers are more thought out.

    Lastly, is the 8th graders, who share the cafeteria space with freshmen and a few upperclassmen. Most of these students have a particular seat that they gravitate towards and they very seldom change their routine. From an observer’s perspective, the cafeteria is a crucial gage to the dynamics of the students. In a matter of 30 minutes, you can clearly see if any new social problems present themselves, or if any problems have rectified themselves. This can all be determined based on the student’s demeanor while they eat.

    At the end of the day students return to their lockers to gather materials and embark on their own afternoon adventures. A small population stays after and works with teachers, honing in on their academic skills, while another group gathers near the lobby finishing conversations and making plans for later in the night. As I stand in the area surrounding the bus loop, I see smiling students leave campus and I look forward to seeing them return tomorrow.

    When I share with people that I work in a middle school, I see many reactions varying between apprehension, horror and smiles. For me, the best part of my job is that I get to experience all the challenges and successes of middle school on a daily basis. The day is never mundane and watching them transform physically, emotionally and socially during their teenage years is very rewarding.