Principal Kim D'Amico

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Principal Kim D'Amico

  • We Have Really Great Kids
    Fall 2019 

    Recently, I was in a classroom observing a teacher and the telephone rang. The teacher directed the student to answer the phone while the teacher continued instruction. From across the room, I could tell by the expression on the face of the student that he was unable to understand the person at the other end. Without missing a beat, the student said, “Excuse me can you repeat that?” At the end of the call, the student politely said, “goodbye” and hung up the phone. The teacher followed up with, “is there anything I need to know?” The student said, “she will call back later.”  I spoke with the teacher later about the call, and I asked if he trained his students on how to properly answer a phone. The teacher said, “No, he must have learned this through Leader in Me at the Elementary School.” 

    A frequent question that I get asked by prospective teachers while on the Hiring Committees is, “What do you like most about Warsaw Middle/High School?” My response is always, we have really great kids!

    The students that walk through our hallways say hello when greeted and readily hold the door for others.  They are thoughtful, courteous and respectful. As I enter the building in the mornings, I walk through doors and I am immediately greeted by students sitting on the bench. Every morning I start my day with the same thought in my head, “We have really great kids!”