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Principal Amy Burnham

  • Navigating Through High School
    January 2020

    During high school years, it is not unusual that students experience stress at some point. They are often faced with balancing many tasks such as studying for exams, getting homework done, keeping up with a job or involvement in extracurricular school activities. Students also have the added pressure of socially fitting in.  Balancing all of these elements at the same time can quickly wear a student down. Below are a few suggestions to help navigate through high school and beyond without getting overwhelmed from stress.

    Manage your time wisely
    Create a schedule: I have found that keeping a to-do list is a helpful way to remember things. A to-do list gives you a visual representation of the tasks ahead and the ability to prioritize those tasks. Stay organized: Taking the extra time to get yourself organized will save you time in the future. Also, the extra clutter can add to increased stress and make it difficult to focus on what is important.

    Get enough sleep
    Sleep is fuel for the brain. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), during sleep, important body functions and brain activity occur.  Teens need about 8-10 hours of sleep each night to function best (NSF). To ensure quality sleep, try to limit the amount of screen time and television time prior to going to bed. 

    Talk to someone
    If you are struggling with stress, talking to someone can help. Talk to your parents, a teacher, or another trusted adult. Having a healthy support system can also help a student manage stress. Participating in a club or activity allows you to meet new people with similar interests.

    As the school year progresses remember that our counselors are always available to listen and guide students down a pathway that works best for each person. Feel free to reach out to our counseling staff or me with questions or guidance.