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Principal Rick Ellis

  • Making Connections
    Spring 2019

    On March 8, we here at the Middle/High School tried something new. We named the day Strive 2019: A day of Perspectives, Passions and Connections. It started with an idea more than a year ago and transcended into a successful day.

    We have been thinking about ways to increase student connections to school. Research shows that students who make connections in school are more likely to be successful and have positive interactions. My goal was to do something that everyone could enjoy, but also allow kids and adults to see others in a different light. I was hoping that this would increase connections between the kids and adults. Seeing someone in a different light can have that effect.

    Discussion turned into reality when Mr. Sylor approached Mrs. D’Amico and myself this fall. He helped bring this idea to fruition. Mr. Sylor, high school English Teacher and Student Council advisor, discussed creating a day where teachers could choose a hobby or something that they're passionate about, and present it to students. At the end of the day, we wanted a speaker who could address all MHS students. Mr. Sylor stated that Student Council could research and choose a speaker.

    I don’t want to bore you with the behind-the-scenes meetings and the time spent planning this event. It takes numerous hours and teamwork to make everything happen, and I would like to thank Mrs. D’Amico, Mr. Bauer and Mr. Sylor for making this work. They put an enormous amount of time into this event.

    There are too many people to thank individually for also making this happen, but I want to send my gratitude to all of the faculty and staff members who participated in our Strive Day. They put the time into meaningful lessons that the students could enjoy. I saw excitement and joy on the faces of adults and children throughout the day. It was an uplifting feeling to see, reinforcing all the hard work that went into creating Strive. We have an excellent staff at the Middle/High School and they work hard every day. I am proud to be a part of Warsaw.

    At the end of the day, we had Jon Dau speak. Mr. Dau was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan whose village was torn apart by war. His story described the trials and tribulations of his plight without water and food, and always having the fear of being killed by attackers or wild animals. His overall message was simple: you will have obstacles in your life and you must struggle to overcome them. However,  persistence and hard work can get positive results. Don’t let obstacles stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

    The end goal was even better than I thought. Mr. Dau’s message was incredible and the students and staff walked away feeling humbled. Doing something different turned into a day of fun and learning with an important message. We hope to make Strive Day an annual event.