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    It has been a terrific year so far! I am looking forward to the growth your child will make in our classroom! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email:
    786-8000 ext. 1112

    Penny Calendars

    *Please be sure to check your child's penny calendar nightly. He/she begins the day with 3 pennies but will lose a penny/pennies due to bad behavior. If your child comes home with fewer than 3 pennies, please have a chat about making better choices in school. Thanks!

    "Book Buddy" Books
    Thank you for your continued support in helping your child become a better reader each and every night! As your child reads, please encourage him/her to use the strategies we have learned in school to figure out difficult words (instead of just telling him/her the word). They can try any of the following things:
    • Skip the word and come back
    • Use the pictures
    • Sound it out
    • Think about what would make sense

    **Please have your child give a retelling of the story in his/her own words after reading each night! The more they comprehend...the better!!!