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Principal Kim Monahan

  • From Principal Kim Monahan:

    This entry to be published in the final edition of Connections for the 2019 school year, is the second in a series.  Each year between now and a few years from now (2023) my final article will consist of a letter to the to the Class of 2030. This class and I count the years together, as they move toward middle school, developing as fine young people along the way.  I can’t wait to look back and see what they have learned, who they have lifted and how they have transformed as leaders throughout the passing years.

    Dear Class of 2030,

    This is Mrs. Monahan.  At this time last year, I was in awe at the passing of time and how quickly you transformed from Kindergarten students to nearly first graders.  I find it is true what they say - time does not stand still. In fact - it may have set a world record this school year - passing in the blink of an eye - with each of you currently about to take second grade by storm!

    As you ventured back through the doors of WES in early September 2018 for Meet the Teacher Night, you did so with an air of confidence that only comes from knowing the ropes.  You were familiar with the hallways of our school, the classrooms and the people. You were ready to settle your school supplies, meet your teacher and eagerly reacquaint yourself with old friends.  Having to travel to the farthest point in the school building from the trusty Kindergarten Wing didn’t affect you one bit. Onto bigger and better things.

    Heading into first grade, you recognized the importance of the learning ahead.  Some of you may have even anticipated homework becoming an expectation. And you’re was.  There is no better follow up at home (from a long school day) than kicking back with a good book. Your Book Buddy Books helped you apply your learning independently, as well as spend some special time at home with your family (Remember - Readers are Leaders!).

    All of your reading helped not only you, but our school as well.  Remember that big WIG (Wildly Important Goal) we set? 50,000 books by the end of the year? Book by book, week by week, month by month, every time you recorded your own reading progress, you helped grow our school-wide totals.  Sitting on the cusp of June, with just about 10,000 more books needed to meet this WIG - I just found out some great news! Not only were you reading, reading, reading, real books from cover to cover - but you were accessing digital books, too.  Students in our school read WWWAAAYYYY over 11,000 books on myOn. Don’t look now - but we may have just blown our original WIG right out of the water! This will be cause for some awesome celebration.

    You might also remember some other pretty special things that happened at our school this year.  We continued to grow our school garden, having our 2nd Annual Harvest Day. A little hands-on, roll-up your sleeves, diggin’ in the dirt kind of learning never hurt anyone.  Do you remember our Veterans Day Celebration? Working with Mrs. Tiffany, you were so well prepared to salute Old Glory in style. This special assembly is one that touches so many members of our community.  Hardly a week goes by that I am not approached by a veteran or community member, complimenting WES and our awesome students for this wonderful assembly and tribute to some real heroes. Speaking of heroes, you have also been real troopers as we see our school building transform right before our very eyes.  The start of our Capital Project has had a few temporary walls popping up here, a little construction noise there - but all in all, it has been business as usual as we wait for a bigger and better WES. Did you know our playground is getting an upgrade as well?

    With that said, I can’t help but think that our building is not the only thing changing, growing and getting better!  Just take a few minutes to think about all the things that you got better at or, for the most part, just became part of who you are and what we do at Warsaw.  I bet you found yourself adding and subtracting much faster. You are probably a much better roller skater this year, too. A few less falls during the Hokey Pokey, is my guess.  And so many of you worked so hard to stick to your goals or were recognized for being safe, responsible and respectful. How many Brag Tags did you collect this year? Your dedication to improving as a person and learner, making good choices and your demonstration of good behavior throughout the year has been rewarded in style!  You may have been on the receiving end of a Vertical gift certificate, some new school supplies, been treated to a special holiday shopping spree or even been able to take part in a Golden Spatula lunch with your class. Remember the table clothes? The special menu? The all-you-could-eat buffet? Plus, wasn’t it cool to have Superintendent Englebert as your guest server?  

    Let’s not forget about the 7 Habits Carnival.  Mrs. Savino and our Student Lighthouse Team worked so hard to develop, organize and help run some pretty awesome games related to the 7 Habits.  It was so fun seeing you put what you have learned to use while playing with your classmates. Who can forget the Bounce House? Throughout the year, you really worked hard to live our mission statement:  Learn, Lift, Lead. With countless opportunities to lift others, our school family continued to focus on growing together, by helping others.  You took part in recycling plastic bottles to help provide clean water in locations around the world. You recycled plastic straws to help save sea turtles.  You collected food for our local food pantry, and our walk-a-thon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Leadership Day was one for the memory books. I hope you all got a chance to see what Warsaw kids are made of - as Miss Harper rounded the bend, leading the last lap of this fabulous service learning project.

    I also couldn’t help but notice how each of you are developing your leadership skills.  The regular use of the Think Win-Win spaces when you have a conflict is amazing. You have proven that all it takes is a little investment of time and teaching, a few good strategies and a focus on communication to develop young problem solvers as well as strengthen relationships.  Very mature skills for very young leaders.

    Well, Class of 2030, don’t look now, but in just the way this article ended last year at this time...  

    Grow up...that’s what you have done all year.  In the passing of just about 180 days, I have witnessed you grow leaps and bounds, demonstrating that you are more than ready for second grade.  With field trips, field days (construction-themed, of course!) and the last few half days of school, I want to let you know how proud I am of you.  I can’t wait for you to return to school in September, a little taller, even more confident and ready to dig back into learning. Enjoy a little summer fun, kiddos - it is well deserved. With much love and see you in Second Grade!