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Principal Kim Monahan

  • Little Libraries Help Us Reach Big Goals
    Spring 2019

    As a school, Warsaw Elementary has made it a practice over the last few years to develop an annual WIG (Wildly Important Goal!).  Our school-wide WIG has helped us remain focused at grade levels, within classrooms and as individual learners - on some really important learning.  This year, with the end goal of developing lifelong, accomplished readers, our school-wide WIG is to read 50,000 books by the end of the school year. Beginning with this end in mind, we are synergizing like crazy!

    Each child has a reading goal, which supports both a classroom and a grade level goal and, ultimately, our overall really BIG read that right...50,000 books!

    So, needless to say, with a WIG like this, we really appreciate the efforts of our Tiger Support Network (special thanks to Fred Dahl) and Little Library Synergize Group!  Knowing that the best way to get kids to read is to have books at the ready, TSN and members of the Little Library group worked together to ensure that there will be plenty of books available - both inside and out.  

    TSN generously donated the materials for the construction of the Libraries and the WCS Little Library Synergize group has been working hard to collect and organize books to keep the Libraries fully stocked with awesome reading choices.  

    Currently available for use in our main foyers, we are anxiously awaiting the return of nice weather so that the Libraries (essentially a book box) can be installed on West Buffalo Street, near the main entrance to the school, as well as in our school garden.  Regardless of whether they are inside or out, the Libraries work the same way.

    We are well on our way of reaching our WIG. With 3.5 months left of school - our students have worked together to surpass 30,000 books read.  From our littlest cubs to our nearly middle schoolers - please join us in making reading a cornerstone for learning.  Feel free to use the Little Libraries as a consistent resource for new and interesting reading material, and thanks in advance for helping your child find the right book.