Meal Charge Procedure

  • Warsaw Central School Meal Charge Procedures

    Warsaw Central School District provides the opportunity for all students to have a balanced, nutritious meal, which helps them to reach their highest level of learning potential throughout their school day.

    We realize that students do sometimes forget or lose their meal money and therefore have set up the following charge procedures.

    A computerized point of sale system is used to track student purchases, prepayment and charges. Each student is identified by his or her student identification number and picture ID.

    1. When it is necessary to charge a meal, a student must charge a complete school meal with all the healthy components.

    2. All students are allowed to charge a meal, when necessary. Warsaw Central Schools will ensure all students are provided with meals, when needed during the school day. The appropriate meal prices will be charged to the student’s account and parents are responsible for these charges. All charges must be repaid promptly.

    3. The district will follow the “Prohibition Against Meal Shaming” and ensure that a student whose parent or guardian has unpaid charges is not shamed or treated differently than a pupil whose parent or guardian does not have unpaid school meals charges.

    4. The district must be notified in writing if a parent does not want a student to charge a meal.

    5. Students are not allowed to charge ala carte snack items.

    6. E-mail charge notices are sent home every other week to notify parents of their child’s account balance. Account balance letters are sent home on the alternate weeks.

    7. Parents have the ability to sign up for a secure on-line account at This makes it possible for parents to oversee their child’s account activity. Parents can make payments to their child’s account and receive reminders when account balances are low. Please see the, “My School Bucks Parent Manual” posted on our web page for more information.

    This procedure applies to all students whether they are paying full-price or receiving Free/Reduced meal benefits.


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