Capital Project

  • Warsaw CSD Capital Project: 

    Building A Brighter and Safer Tomorrow For Our Kids!


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  • Capital Project: Update #2
    March 2019

    From Superintendent Joseph Englebert:

    I am writing to inform you that Asbestos Abatement in areas we are renovating in our 2018 Capital project has begun. It is routine for buildings around the time the Elementary School was first built to contain, or have traces of, this substance found in original construction materials. The areas where Asbestos Abatement is occurring is localized and secure from all students and staff. You will see signs posted around the Elementary School indicating “Asbestos Work Notification” and “Caution Asbestos.” By law, any entity conducting this type of work is required to place signs on the facility.

    All of this work is occurring after school hours - when the students and staff are not in session. Again, this is a normal procedure and there is no danger to our students and staff. It is important that, as parents and community members, you are brought up to speed in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the District Office and we will assist you. Please see below a FAQs document regarding Asbestos Abatement.

    Thank you for your patience and continued support!


  • Design and Construction Schedule


    May 2017: Vote - Approved!

    June 2017: Schematic Design

    August 2017 (10 months): Design Development

    October 2017 - March 2018: Construction Documents

    March 2018: SED Review (7 months)

    October 2018: SED Approval

    October 2018: Bidding (2 months)

    December 2018: Construction Begins (2 years)