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  • Capital Project Update #5
    January 2020

    Dear Warsaw School Community:

    Happy New Year to all! I wanted to provide a progress update on the Capital Improvement Construction Project for both the Elementary and Middle/High Schools.

    The following areas have been renovated and turned over for the District’s use at the Elementary School: Main Office, CSE Suite, Nurse’s Suite, Pre-Kindergarten classrooms (see photos below), Pre-Kindergarten playground, Special Education classrooms, team rooms, OT/PT classroom, and various toilet rooms. The following areas will receive renovations and upgrades throughout the next eight months: auditorium theatrical lighting and sound system, gymnasium bleachers, kitchen, cafeteria, and the remainder of the toilet rooms.

    Construction work has officially begun at the Middle/High School starting with the art room relocation work. The following areas will receive renovations and/or upgrades throughout the next eight months: fitness center, technology suite, cafeteria HVAC, main gymnasium floor refinishing, locker and bleacher replacements, auditorium lighting and sound system, and athletic storage.

    Campus-wide IT upgrades are ongoing, which include additional security cameras and PA system replacements. The new exterior LED signs have been installed campus-wide as well. The District Offices have also moved to their new final location. They can be found on the Elementary School campus in the Annex Building.

    Please contact the District Office if you have any questions.

    Matthew Wilkins, Superintendent of Schools

    Pre-Kindergarten Classroom  Pre-Kindergarten Classroom  Elementary School Playground  Team Room  Toilet Room  LED Sign

  • Design and Construction Schedule

    May 2017: Vote - Approved!

    June 2017: Schematic Design

    August 2017 (10 months): Design Development

    October 2017 - March 2018: Construction Documents

    March 2018: SED Review (7 months)

    October 2018: SED Approval

    October 2018: Bidding (2 months)

    December 2018: Construction Begins (2 years)