Diane Langworthy Santora

  • Diane Langworthy Santora 

    Special Contributor, 2007 Inductee


    This inductee began her teaching career at Warsaw in 1963.  This was the pre-Title IX era and her interest in girls’ sports led her to being one of the individuals that organized and supported a girl’s athletic program here at Warsaw. She coached all the sports that were offered to girls at that time, they included; field hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball and track.  Many of the track records set during this era still stand today.  She later added cheerleading to her coaching resume.

    Her greatest contribution, however, was not to girls’ sports alone, but to the entire Warsaw sports program as a whole.  She served as the Athletic Director from 1987 through 1997.  She encouraged participation in all sports, boys and girls.  She supported all sports equally, despite the season and the size of the crowd each team was significantly important to her.

    She held nutrition seminars for athletes, reinstated accurate record keeping of our sports teams and oversaw the improvement of many of our athletic facilities.  She was the driving force behind the new court street gym, including the purchasing and displaying of the championship banners.  Many of these championships were won under her leadership.