Warsaw Middle-High School Library

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    Resources for Teachers:

    • Library.fyi (formerly Fish for Info) -- "Explore Databases" for a subject-area filterable, alphabetic list of all Warsaw Middle-High, GV-BOCES, & NOVEL NY subscription databases. Available for all of your teaching and research needs
    • Swank -- 
    • ClickView -- 
    • Digital Theatre -- 
    • SORA -- 
    • Genesee Valley BOCES Media Library -- Use this Media Library site to find DVDs, educational games, and an array of low and high tech STEAM resources, and more to meet your instructional needs. 
  • TBA
    Library Clerk / Teaching Assistant
    (585) 786-8000 ext. 2127
  • Greg Lloyd
    Library Media Specialist
    (585) 786-8000 ext. 2127
  • Chromebook Assistance
    Chromebook / IT Department
    (585) 786-8000 ext. ???