• 1935 Women's Basketball Team
    2017 Inductee

    The team was the undefeated county champions with a record of 14-0. Now 14-0 is impressive in it’s own right, however, please understand that this team played when women’s basketball rules were very different from today. Each team was allowed to have six players on the court, three on each half of the court. Three who played only defense and three who played only offense and no player was allowed to cross mid-court. Additionally, players could only “bounce” the ball once, or in today’s terms they were only allowed one dribble. Understanding these restrictions only makes the accomplishments of this team even more impressive. They scored 68 points in a game vs. Pavilion. They averaged over 32 points a game, while holding their opponents to less than 12 points per game. For the season, the team outscored opponents 455 points to 158.