Attendance Requirements

  • Arrival to School
    The student school day is from 7:55 am to 2:55 pm.  Extra assistance is available from 3:02 pm to 4:00 pm.

    If a student must miss part of the school day, for any reason, the subsequent steps need to be followed:

    • a dated reason, signed by a parent or guardian, must be given to the receptionist at the front desk (if the student arrives without justification, it will be recorded as unexcused)

    • the student signs in on the required sheet, noting the date and time

    • the student will receive a pass from the receptionist for admittance into class

    • the student is responsible for any missed work

    Students who were NOT in attendance will NOT be eligible to participate in ANY extra-curricular activities that day.
    In order to be eligible to participate in ANY extra curricular activities for the day, a student MUST be in school by 10:00 am. 

    If a student arrives after 10:00 am, only a valid, legal reason for missing school will be accepted in order to be able to participate in ANY extra curricular activities for the day.

    If a student has prior knowledge of his/her absence, they are encouraged to:

    • obtain any work that will be missed
    • notify the school
    • inform your advisor(s) and/or coach(es)